It is time to free yourself from all the mental and physical things that you are hanging onto with complete control. As we move through life we collect things, thoughts, and emotions. We have a tendency to hang onto them as if our life depends on them.
There are times that we think we need to hang on to them so tightly that we can’t figure out why we are not receiving the things we truly want within your world.
It is when we are truly grateful for all that we have that we no longer have to guard what we have as if our life depends on it. It is time to set your soul free from the 3D world of ego and move into the 5D world of gratitude of love and light.
There are a couple different places in which we can be grateful. There is the brain, here we are trying to rewrite the ego instead of working with the ego. Here you need to always remind yourself how grateful you are for everything you received. This takes up a lot of time and most learn how to use a fake thankful voice that they use to get what they want.
This way is a good way to start it is not where you would like to end up. In order to feel the feeling of gratefulness, you need to learn to bring it down into your heart space. This is where true freedom lies. It is here that we can feel and say thank you and mean it and others know that you truly mean it. For the heart, space will always show and play the truth nothing can hide from the heart.