Follow your dreams with the love of a child and the compassion of an adult. For you don’t know where this will take you. You are much stronger than you think. Life is interesting. When you were born you knew who and why you came here during this time.

There is still more time to get this down and still lots that need to be done.  It will take many to undo what has been allowed to happen for years.  Souls need to stop being complacent and think that someone else knows better for me than you do.

You have allowed so many to tell you how things need to be.  It is time you take back your sovereignty and learn to explore like a pre-teen, have adventures like a teenager, love unconditionally like a child.  That is in awe and wide eye on Christmas morning.  

When you put this all together with the adult logical and critical thinking mind you have one awesome soul. So remember to be awesome every day.