This is the one area that most are afraid of, for it is recognizing the non-happy side of your life. In order to do this you must first realize that there is a part of your life that is not working out the way you would like it to. Then find the patterns that keep on showing up within your life around that area. Third you need to pinpoint all the emotions that are around those patterns this is the hard part for most don’t had to bring up emotions for they feel that it is pointless. Last you need to find what events have brought up those emotions within this life time.

Yes it is true that we bring emotions into each life time with our soul. Yet everything that you are feeling in this life time has been brought up during this life time to bring these emotions back up to the service. This is the part that most don’t like to mess with for it can be very messy in the tears kind of way. I know I have gone through more tissues that I really think it would have been wise to invest in the company before I started this journey.

This journey can be a long and hard journey, this is where I come in. I love working with others emotions within the Akashic Records to be able to help my client rewrite what emotions they would like to be having instead of the ones they are. There are times when they don’t even need to know what emotions are showing up for their sub-conscious mind already knows. Your Akashic Records is your souls DNA of everything that has happened during any time line. What the souls brings from time line to time line is the emotions.