Healing with Michelle

“I met Michelle at an event and immediately felt that she knew me. During our first discussion, she shared that I had many past lives that were affecting my life now. After completing her 12- week program, I have a “peace” that I have never had. I feel that I have cleared negativity from my life and am looking forward to more changes coming my way. Thanks, Michelle!!!” – Lori Kratzer

After working with Michelle for six weeks, I can honestly say I feel spiritually lighter. Prior to our sessions there was a constant feeling of negativity, sort of a black cloud of baggage that hovered over me, trailed along behind me, and weighed me down. I’d learned to live with it, had been living with it since I was a child, and a handful of doctors and therapists over the years helped me cope with it, but it never left me.– Kate McKenna

“I noticed a difference in my life almost immediately after sitting down to work with Michelle Adams. She kept me focused, organized, and on-task from week to week with assignments and homework. Without that, I never would have made the changes I was able to make. I can’t tell you how much of a difference I see between now and the time I started working with Michelle.” ~ SA

I have a few Thank Yous for you. First thank you for being my friend despite my faults. Thank you for teaching me how to put on a carrier for the car. I had no idea how to do that. And Thank You ever so much for putting me back on a path of positivity. I have been seriously stuck in a negative mode and not been able to break it. My positive muscle has been quite lazy for a couple months. I woke up this morning and feel like I can think clearly. Finally. You are magical. And much appreciated.~ MD

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