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Soul Restructuring

You ready to feel like you are in control. The Soul Restructuring program helps with just that. As we go through truama within our childhood the emotions stay within your heart chakra until you release them and say no modre.

Soul Restructuring Plus

This one is the same as the Soul Restructuring Program with more healing for you. Let’s bring back your soul fragments along with releasing the trauma emotions from the events from your childhood.

Block Removal

Having an issue with one area of your life let’s work through the negative emotions together.

Akashic Records Clearing

Need a quick release of something that is going on with your world. This is a 30-minute session that will help you let go of and put yourself in a nutural space to see things differently.

Energy Clearing

Need a Chakra tune up then this is the one for you. A A 30-minute session where we will go through and align your chakra points to who you are and what you desire.

Transitions to You

Are all areas within your world not working the way you would like them to then, this is the one for you. Nine-month journey of the two of us working to help you create the life you desire. This one has 3 two weeks’ time when I come and follow you around to see all the energy fields and lines that are showing up within your world. Looking for that complete energy transfer them this is for you.

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